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The Big Escape Hen Do Weekends

The Details

Best described as An Escape Room meets a Treasure Hunt!

Can you crack the codes, solve the puzzles and blow open the casino safe without getting caught?

Join Dan Rooney and his team of criminal masterminds and help them pull off the Heist of the century. When you meet (pre-filmed) Dan’s team of experts they will help you gain access to the Casino.

You will meet a Jack Potts your man on the Inside, Wheels your Getaway driver and plenty of safe crackers and hackers along the way. Once you blow open the safe you will have 15 minutes to Escape with the Loot.

This is an amazing escape game with lots of fun interactive photo and video challenges. There a live leader board and team chat.

How it Works

The Big Escape is a city-wide adventure game played on your smartphone on our purpose built app. Played in teams of 4 players.

Codes and instructions will be sent once you purchase a ticket. When you are ready to play, go to the designated starting point and login.

You use one smartphone per team. Each clue is GPS activated so you must go to the pin on your map to activate that task.

Where can you do this?