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About Ibiza

Why to choose an Ibiza Hen Do?

Ibiza is the home of a million clubs.

(This may be an exaggeration, but it’s pretty full of nightclubs!)

The appeal of an Ibiza Hen Do is one of the few things in this world that is pretty self-explanatory. If you like beautiful beaches, great sunny weather, and the best nightlife that the world has to offer, then Ibiza is the place for you to go. Jump on one of the many flights from many UK airports and you’ll find yourself having the absolute time of your life.

Oh.. did you want to know more?

Ibiza’s reputation is so huge, that it’s tough to mention it without thinking of superclubs and other nightclubs of every type. While that may be a huge appeal to some people, for others they may be concerned about what else is there. So if you are one of those people who are thinking “The nightlife sounds great, but what else is there for me to do?” then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Popular activities

It is full of activities that you can enjoy as well as clubbing – so if you want to take part in things during the day between your hangover and your sunbathing, then Ibiza definitely has the entertainment options to provide you with a great time. One of the most popular activities to include on any Ibiza Hen Do is Body Painting, which is an absolute blast. After all, what could be more fun than relaxing in a bar while a talented local artist paints beautiful art on your body, giving you something unique to yourself to show off when you are out clubbing that night?

We’ve mentioned trying to relax and sunbathe during the day on your Ibiza Hen Do, so I’d be remiss not to mention the beach club activity. This will give you the chance to experience one of the world-famous beach clubs that the Island has to offer, with all kinds of packages available to suit whatever you may require. Drinking, relaxing and great music are a part of all of these, to ensure that your day is as much fun as the night that will follow.

Other popular options include the traditional Cocktail Making Class (which is always a smash hit at any Ibiza Hen Do), a trip out on a Banana Boat (where you’ll get to experience the beautiful sights of Ibiza as you are pulled speedily across the gorgeous ocean) and a VIP Champagne Reception, which will treat you like the honoured guests that you are.

Where to Stay?

Where to stay in Ibiza is a question that tends to be pretty easy to answer for any Ibiza Hen Do. After all, like many Spanish destinations, the most common choice is apartments. These are all well located, well looked after and usually come with access to a pool – and if we are being totally honest, these are the main aspects of accommodation that all Ibiza Hen Dos are looking for.

There are other options, with plenty of hotels available as well, so if you are looking for something a bit different or more luxurious, then we can provide that as well. It’s just a matter of letting us know exactly what you’d enjoy.


OK, so we’ve already mentioned it several times, and it’s the reason most people consider an Ibiza Hen Do to start with – but the nightlife is absolutely out of this world. Honestly, if you enjoy a night out, you’ve never experienced anything better than Ibiza.

The island is full of pubs and bars that are all desperate to be a part of your night out, and this large number of options just underlines the theory that competition breeds excellence – after all, you can’t be average if you are competing with hundreds of other nightspots, and that means that Ibiza is full of the best in the world.

How do you choose which ones to go to? Well that’s the million dollar question right there. Obviously some groups who arrange an Ibiza Hen Do have visited the island before, and for some it’s a brand new experience. Regardless of which applies to you, we’d still highly recommend a guided bar crawl. This is an absolutely brilliant service, in which an English-speaking guide will take you around to the best bars and pubs in Ibiza, get you some drinks, play some games and just generally show you the best of what the island has to offer.

Once you’ve been to enough bars, it’s time to visit the clubs. Obviously the Superclubs deserve their name, and are usually booked as part of the biggest night out on your Ibiza Hen Do – after all, if you’ve gone all the way to Ibiza, then why wouldn’t you go to Pacha, Amnesia or any of the other Superclubs that Ibiza has to offer?

Obviously these aren’t the cheapest nightlife options, but don’t discount the other nightclubs that Ibiza has on offer as well – these are all outstanding and worthy of your time, so wherever you go at whatever point on your Ibiza Hen Do, you’ll find yourself having the best time.

There you have it. I bet an Ibiza Hen Do is sounding pretty good to you right now, isn’t it? The chance to enjoy the lovely sunshine, the beautiful beaches, the amazing activities and the outstanding nightlife is just one of those chances that you need to take if you get the opportunity to do so. Why not let us know what you’d like to do on an Ibiza Hen Do and let us work our magic, tailor making you a perfect quote to ensure that you get everything you want and more.

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