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About Milton Keynes

Why Choose a Milton Keynes Hen Do?

Milton Keynes is not normally a location you’d pick out as being a perfect hen do destination, but pretty soon that’s going to change. This is a location that is fast becoming a stalwart in the hen do pantheon, and for very good reason indeed. Located perfectly equidistantly from Birmingham, London, Leicester, Oxford and Cambridge, this modern town has a brilliant atmosphere and is very well stocked with accommodation, activities, nightlife and cocktails to ensure a superb hen do for anyone who fancies it.

One of the advantages of this so-called “New Town” that was built in the 1960s, is that a lot of it is built on a grid system, meaning that getting around and navigating is much easier than it can be in some other destinations. This just aids in how easy and convenient a Milton Keynes Hen Do can be.

Where to Stay?

When looking for somewhere to stay for your Milton Keynes Hen Do, you’ll be pleased to hear that the accommodation options are many and varied. This is great, as it really means you can tailor your accommodation to suit your requirements and desires, ensuring that your Milton Keynes Hen Do is perfectly well looked after. The most popular type of accommodation that tends to get picked in Milton Keynes is usually the Bespoke Hen Accommodation, which gives you a whole property to relax in together, complete with lounge area, kitchen and more so that you really get to enjoy a home away from home.

If you’d prefer a simple hotel room, then there are plenty of options in that area as well. For some groups, the requirement to have the most luxurious hotel you can imagine is essential, and if that’s the case we are more than happy to provide you beautifully located high quality posh hotels. If, on the flip side, you just want somewhere clean and well located where you can get some sleep at night and that keeps your budget down, then the good news is that a Milton Keynes Hen Do can provide you with that as well.

Popular activities

Milton Keynes Hen Dos have exploded in terms of activities that are available over the last few years, currently (at the time of writing) offering over eighty activity options that your Milton Keynes hen do can easily take advantage of. With so many options at your fingertips, it’d be impossible to discuss them all here (though feel free to browse the list at the bottom of the page), so I’d just like to mention a few of the most popular hen do activities that we offer in Milton Keynes. The ones that get booked up all the time.

  • Afternoon Tea with Unlimited Prosecco – Already you are looking at that name and thinking “That sounds like a great idea”, and that’s the selling point of this activity really. After all, who doesn’t enjoy afternoon tea, and who doesn’t enjoy drinking as much Prosecco as you can within two hours? As far as activities go, this one’s a no-brainer – and it works particularly well as an ice-breaker activity, so if your Milton Keynes Hen Do is populated with a selection of people who don’t necessarily know each other very well, this is a great way to start!
  • Gin Cocktail Masterclass – Cocktail Making has been a popular hen do activity for decades at this point, and while there are many different options to pick for you to experience, the newest (and the most popular) is the Gin Cocktail Masterclass. Gin (as I’m sure you know) is one of the worlds best drinks, whether it’s in a cocktail, in a G&T or just in a glass neat, and this masterclass will teach your Milton Keynes Hen Do how to make a variety of cocktails so good you’ll just want to keep drinking them all night.
  • Old School Sports Day – Sometimes you want to get competitive and very silly on a hen do, and if that’s the case, then you should know that the Old School Sports Day is a perfect way to do that. You’ll all compete in the activities you know and love from your school days – Egg and Spoon Race, Three Legged Race etc, to see who is able to prove themselves to be the best and be awarded the winners trophy.


The atmosphere on a Milton Keynes Hen Do night out is absolutely outstanding. Obviously, when this new town was being planned out, the decisions were made to ensure that everyone had plenty of venues to choose from on a night out, which means that there are pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs and more that are all fighting for your attention whenever you head out for a drink.

What you choose to do, therefore is down to you and the ladies. For some, getting the night started at a nice restaurant is an important part of the evening. For others it’s drinking cocktails in a trendy bar, or having a good old chat over a glass of wine or three in a popular local pub. Once you’ve finished with these options, Milton Keynes isn’t done with you yet. You could spend a chunk of your Milton Keynes Hen Do in a casino if that’s the sort of thing you like, enjoying a nice drink and seeing if you’ve got the poker skills to get some money back out of this weekend. Wherever you spend the rest of your night, almost all of our Milton Keynes Hen Dos find themselves dancing the night away in a huge and incredibly popular nightclub by the end of the evening. And that’s just perfect. After all, a night out in Milton Keynes really is something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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