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About Leicester

Reasons to Visit

Leicester Stag Dos are always filled with entertainment, excitement and some of the wildest times you’ve ever experienced. There’s just something about the atmosphere in this town that makes it into an absolutely superb stag weekend destination. It may not have been high on your list at the start of this research, but you should absolutely consider it.

After all, when you look at it logically, it has so many good points that make a Leicester Stag Do a perfect option – it is home to two universities (which means it must have a thriving nightlife scene), it is very easy to get to, and it is the home of Walkers Crisps, which means that you’ll never have any trouble finding snacks while you are there!

All joking aside, Leicester has a pretty unique atmosphere when it comes to British cities, and this atmosphere helps to make it warm and welcoming for any groups that want to come and spend some time here – particular if you are a Stag Do.

Where to Stay?

Accommodation isn’t a hassle in Leicester. In fact, your options for where to stay are broad and cover all bases – no matter what you are looking for, Leicester will easily provide it. So if you are a Leicester Stag Do who just want somewhere to rest your head between activities and drinking sessions, we can arrange some great value for money chain hotels or local guest houses. Alternatively if you fancy something much grander, like a posh hotel (maybe even with some spa or pool facilities), then that’s easily arrangeable too. One of the great things about a Leicester Stag Do is that the accommodation is all so well located that you’ll never have to worry about travelling far to get back to your bed after a big night out.

Popular activities

There are a huge selection of activities to choose from for your Leicester Stag Do, which is great because it means that whatever you enjoy doing, you’ll have the chance to do it on this stag do. Our most popular activities in Leicester tend to be of the driving variety – partly because there are so many options! You can put your foot down and feel pure speed with Go-Karting, battle off-road terrain and see who can outwit each other with Quad Biking, or if you REALLY want to step it up a notch, you can jump into an armoured battle machine and see who’s got the stones to win with our fantastic tank driving activity – that’s one you’ll never forget!

But maybe you don’t want to drive on your Leicester Stag Do? Maybe you’d prefer to do something that you can attempt to complete by just using your hands and feet, rather than any additional devices? If that’s the case, then why not try the High Ropes Course. Always popular (especially in Spring and Summer), this course will test your mettle as you climb higher and higher, walk across beams and challenge yourself to jump off at the end – if you’ve got the guts!

Some Leicester Stag Dos take a completely opposite approach to activities however and are looking for things that involve very little physical exertion. Luckily if that’s the case, there are still plenty of things that you can add to your stag do to take part in. A trip to the horse racing perhaps? After all, that involves gambling, drinking and relaxing all in one go, which is a pretty perfect option? Or how about a poker tournament? A session of cyber golf? We can even offer you a trip in a hot air balloon if you really want to push the boat out!


Once you’ve recovered from your day of activities, you’ll want a night full of excitement and energy – and Leicester’s nightlife is no slouch in that department. It’s always worth going out for a meal before you start drinking (to make sure you aren’t going out on an empty stomach), and this city is well known for being able to offer you a great variety of places to eat. Italian, Indian, there’s even a medieval banquet if you fancy something different! In other words, whatever type of food your Leicester Stag Do want to indulge in, we can make sure it’s part of your package.

Food done, it’s time to move onto the drinking. Most groups like to find a nice pub for a pint or two to start the evening, before exploring and investigating all of the nearby pubs and bars. You may start the evening with a pint of beer, but a few drinks in and you’ll be ordering shots of whatever is on offer as you smash your way through bar after bar. And then, after the bars comes a visit to one of the most popular nightclubs in Leicester, drink in hand, making your way onto the dance floor and enjoying yourselves right through until the morning.

To put it bluntly, a Leicester Stag Do is an absolutely brilliant weekend away. It gives you the chance to truly embrace every part of this amazing city and enjoy every aspect of the stag do you’ve always wanted. We pride ourselves on tailoring all of our quotes to suit both your budget and your desires, so if you’d like to know what a Leicester Stag Do could look like for you, just get in touch and we’ll get a quote put together as soon as we possibly can.

After all, don’t you deserve the best Stag Do possible for your last weekend of freedom? Then let us help.

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