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Stag Do Weekends in Manchester

About Manchester

Manchester, Manchester, Manchester. Where to start with this enormously popular city. Oft-considered the capital of the North, Manchester has absolutely everything you’d ever need for a stag weekend, and all at amazing value as well. The sixth-largest city in the UK, Manchester is a hive of excitement and activity, and really, isn’t that what you want for a stag weekend?

Being the size it is, Manchester has a huge range of accommodation throughout – so whether you are wanting to laze around in luxury or are just looking for somewhere to put your head down, none of that will be a problem. And location is never a problem either, as Manchester has a public transport system to rival London itself, allowing you quick and easy travel all across this amazing city.

While Manchester is home to many things, for a large number of people it will always be synonymous with football, as it is home to two of the UK’s biggest and most famous clubs. So why not make it a football themed weekend? We’ve got football-related activities galore that are available in Manchester – so whether you want a simple five-a-side game, or whether you’d like to experience one of the more intriguing football based activities that we offer such as Goggle Football, Zorb Football or even Electric Shock Football we can easily arrange that for you.

As good as a stag weekend destination may be, the make or break aspect is usually the nightlife. Luckily, Manchester has the advantages that all big cities have, where you have loads of nightspots available, and a wide variety of options between them. So whether you want a nice pub, a popular bar, a gentleman’s club for the more traditional stag activities or a nightclub to really let your hair down in – Manchester’s got it all for you. Why consider anywhere else?

If you're looking for great value for money, a stag do weekend in Manchester is perfect for you!

What Can You Do In Manchester?