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About Manchester

Why choose a Manchester Stag Do?

Manchester, Manchester, Manchester. Where to start with this enormously popular city. Oft-considered the capital of the North, this city has absolutely everything you’d ever need for any weekend away, and all at amazing value as well, making a Manchester Stag Do not only a viable option, but an exciting one. The sixth-largest city in the UK, Manchester is a hive of excitement and activity, and really, isn’t that what you want for a stag do?

Famed for its architecture, engineering, contributions to music and culture and for its sports teams (which we’ll discuss more later), this city has been a tourist destination for decades, and for very good reason. After all, with all that Manchester has going for it, why wouldn’t you want to go and have your stag do in the centre of the action?

Where to Stay?

Being the size it is, Manchester has a huge range of accommodation throughout – so whatever type of accommodation you are interested in for your Manchester Stag Do, you’ll find it here. Chain Hotels, B&Bs, Guest Houses and loads more will be lining up for you to pick between them. So it doesn’t matter whether you are wanting to laze around in luxury or are just looking for somewhere to put your head down, we will find a perfect base for your Manchester Stag Do.

All of the accommodation we offer is well located and easy to get to. This is helped by the fact that Manchester has a public transport system to rival London itself, allowing you quick and easy travel all across this amazing city at all times of the day and night.

Popular activities

While Manchester is home to many things, for a large number of people it will always be synonymous with football, as it is home to two of the UK’s biggest and most famous clubs. So why not make it a football themed Manchester Stag Do? We’ve got football-related activities galore that are available for you in this city, so no matter how seriously or ridiculously you want to take your football, we have an option here for you.

Obviously, if you take your football relatively seriously, then a five a side match is an obvious option for your Manchester Stag Do. After all, why wouldn’t you want to have a match (or tournament depending on your group size) as a perfect way to start your weekend away?

If you want to experiment with a slightly different type of football, then don’t worry, we have those options available to you as well. Zorb Football is a classic (where you find yourselves playing five a side football while each encased in an inflatable ball), Goggle Football is hilarious (where you are wearing goggles that make everything look like it’s ten times further away than it is), and Electric Shock Football is as nerve-racking as it sounds, as you are relying on someone on the sidelines to not shock you when you are trying to score the winning goal!

Manchester Stag Do’s aren’t all about football though, there are plenty of other activities for you to choose from. In fact, this city offers more than fifty activities across the board for you to choose from when tailor making your perfect Manchester Stag Do. Whether you want to battle your mates in a paintball match, take to the slopes with an indoor skiing session or compete in the inflatable games, a set of activities where luck plays just as important a part as skill, then you are in luck, as Manchester will happily give you all of these chances and any others you would like.


A night out on a Manchester Stag Do is something that you will never forget as long as you live. This city is friendly, fun and filled with places that are dying to serve you a drink or three. It’s probably best to stop and grab some food before you get too deep into the drinking, and we’ve got all the options you can imagine in this area. You could just grab a quick pizza, sit down for a three course meal or, if you are feeling brave, tackle one of our infamous Man Vs Food Style Gut Buster Challenges, where you’ll attempt to devour an impossible pile of food with the reward of an impressive photo and bragging rights waiting for you at the end.

Whatever you choose to eat, the next part of the night tends to involve drinking in one or more of Manchesters great pubs and bars. No matter what type of drinking establishment you have a preference for, you’ll find somewhere that suits you on your Manchester Stag Do. Whether you want a quiet pint of ale in a pub where you can chat and have a laugh, or whether you want to be drinking cocktails in a modern bar, this city has you covered.

After the bars come the clubs. Manchester has a great array of nightclubs for you to choose from, serving you up a wide selection of music and atmospheres, so no matter what you enjoy, you’ll be able to find somewhere that suits you. You don’t have to visit a nightclub of course, other popular options for that time of the evening also include gentlemen’s clubs and casinos, both of which will happily keep you entertained until the early hours of the morning, whereupon you’ll stagger back to your hotel and crash out, happy, drunk and exhausted.

If a Manchester Stag Do sounds like something that appeals, why not let us know? All we need are a few details and we can tailor make you a perfect Manchester Stag Do straightaway.

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