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About York

Why choose a York Stag Do?

York is a jewel of a city, set in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside just a stone’s throw from the Yorkshire Dales and Yorkshire Moors. It also famously hosts a pub for each day of the year – so with three hundred and sixty-five to choose from, where do you start? Wherever you like! Everything is fair game for a York Stag Do – you won’t be lacking in choices for any aspect of your weekend away.

The atmosphere in York is absolutely amazing. It’s a historical marvel, but is also filled with artists, students and other friendly locals, meaning that you never feel like you are walking around a carefully maintained historical site, just that you are relaxing in a friendly and beautiful city.

Where to Stay?

To start with, the accommodation options are many and varied. No matter what your York Stag Do are looking for in terms of accommodation, we can make sure that your requirements are met without blowing your budget. We’ll make sure you stay in the best areas of the city while keeping the price exactly where you want it, ensuring that you don’t have to spend a fortune where you don’t want to.

The types of accommodation include traditional hotels (both chain hotels and local, boutique options), as well as B&Bs, Guest Houses and even some bespoke accommodation if you are after that kind of thing. All of these will be well located, well maintained and perfect for your York Stag Do.

Popular activities

As York is located within such beautiful open space, a lot of the popular activity options take full advantage of that. One of the popular options that you can partake in are the Argocats. These multi-wheeled amphibious vehicles feel like nothing you’ve ever driven before, but after a quick introductory session you’ll get the hang of it, and then you’ll be competing with the other lads by racing them around the specially designed obstacle course.

Quad Bikes are another hugely popular option. Again, like the argocats, it doesn’t matter how familiar you are with driving them before you start, as you’ll quickly find your feet when you take the reins of these petrol fuelled beasts. Other popular options include clay pigeon shooting (after all, this combines competition and firearms, a perfect match on any York Stag Do), playing a round of golf, or even going Zorbing. Yes, that’s right, Zorbing. You’ll bundle yourself into a giant inflatable ball and see whether you can stay upright as you race down a giant hill. It’s as ridiculous and fun as it sounds.

If all of these popular options sound a bit too energetic for your group, then why not go with one of our other popular options – a day trip to the York races. After all, who doesn’t like a trip to the races? You can just go along and enjoy all the excitement of a day at the track - place a few bets, drink a few beers and generally have a great time. A perfect York Stag Do activity, especially if you are trying to recover from going out the night before.


As we mentioned earlier, you won’t have any problems finding places to go on your nights out either. There are over three hundred and sixty-five pubs in this city, and they’re all keen for you to visit and enjoy their hospitality. That’s not all – there are bars and clubs available as well, which means that whatever you are looking for in a nightspot, there’ll be somewhere in York that can provide exactly what you want.

But lets have a look in a bit more detail. What sort of things are the best options for a night out on a York Stag Do? Well, to start with, it’s always a good idea to eat something before a big night out. Doesn’t matter whether you want something big or small, we can arrange it for you. For some, a sit down three course meal is just what you want before you hit the town, to make sure that your stomachs are well lined, but other groups just prefer grabbing a burger with one hand so that they can keep drinking with the other.

Then it’s on to the pubs and bars. We’ve discussed at length quite how many there are in this city, which is great, but how do you know which are the good and which are not so good? The easiest way is to arrange for the Bar Crawl Babes to take you around the city. These ladies know York like the back of their hand, and will make sure that you visit everywhere that you are interested in. They’ll even keep hold of the beer funds for you, and do the queueing at the bar, so all you’ll need to do is sit back and relax and wait for your drinks to arrive.

After you’ve tackled as many pubs and bars as you feel that you can manage, why not see the night out by dancing your hearts out at one of the cities most popular nightclubs? York has plenty of them to choose from, so whatever you desire, you’ll be able to embrace it in a big way. Alternatively, why not visit one of the local gentlemen’s clubs for a different (yet equally fun) end to an evening on your York Stag Do?

So what do you say? Does a York Stag Do sound like the perfect one for you? Get in touch and tell us exactly what you want to do, and we’ll tailor make you a package that ensures you have an utterly perfect weekend away.

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