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Stag Do Weekends in York

About York

York is a jewel of a city, set in the beautiful yorkshire countryside just a stone’s throw from the Yorkshire Dales and Yorkshire Moors. It also famously hosts a pub for each day of the year – so with 365 to choose from, where do you start? Wherever you like! Everything is fair game for a York Stag Do Weekend – you won’t be lacking in choices for any aspect of the stag do.

To start with, the accommodation options are many and varied. Budget Hotels, Guest Houses, B&Bs, luxury hotels – whatever you want we can easily provide as York is full of options. We’ll make sure you stay in the best areas of the city while sticking within your budget, ensuring that you don’t have to spend a fortune where you don’t want to.

For the activities, we have a wide range of options. As York is located within such beautiful open space, a lot of the options take full advantage of that. You can ride the Argocats – multi-wheeled amphibious vehicles that feel like nothing you’ve ever driven before – or drive some Quad Bikes. You can shoot some clays, play a round of golf or even climb into an inflatable ball and Zorb your way down a hill. Alternatively another popular option is the York races, where you can go along and enjoy all the excitement of a day at the track, place a few bets, drink a few beers and generally have a great time.

As we mentioned earlier, you won’t have any problems finding places to go on your nights out either. Over three hundred and sixty five pubs, with bars and clubs available as well means that whatever you are looking for in a nightspot, there’ll be somewhere in York that can provide.

So what do you say? Does a York Stag Do Weekend sound like the perfect one for you? Get in touch and we’ll tailor make you a package just for you.

What Can You Do In York?