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Hen Do Weekends in Blackpool

About Blackpool

Hen Weekends have been around for years, and one of the most traditional destinations for a hen party is (and has always been) the brilliant seaside town of Blackpool. The stereotypical image of hens in high heels, with feather boas and L Plates is firmly connected to the town, and they are happy to be such a great destination, being a very hen-friendly town.

To start, there’s the accommodation options. Blackpool is full of places that you can stay. Whether it’s guest houses, B&B’s, hotels or even Bespoke Hen Accommodation, the town is happy to oblige you with an option that will perfectly suit your requirements and your budget. And with everything being so centrally located, you’ve never got far to go to make it back to wherever it is that you are spending the night.

From an activity perspective, Blackpool doesn’t disappoint either. With 60+ activities available (at the time of writing), this hen-friendly town provides more entertainment than you can possibly squeeze into one weekend. Dance Classes, Escape Rooms, Afternoon Tea, Go-Karting, Cocktail Making and loads more options can be explored, and these are all great fun. But the crowning achievement of Blackpool is the pleasure beach. This local amusement park is nationally famous, thanks in the most part to “The Big One” – a rollercoaster that was the tallest in the UK at the time it was built, and is still impressive today! With day passes available to the pleasure beach you can drop in and out throughout the day – a perfect way to liven up any hen party.

For your night out, Blackpool won’t disappoint. Full of classy bars, a variety of restaurants and nightclubs where you can spend the night grooving away, this town has a nightlife reputation it is proud of, and which is richly deserved. It also has some classic cabaret, so if you fancy getting a little saucy before the end of the night, then this is a great option to inject some eye-candy int your evening – and who doesn’t want that!

In short, Blackpool is a perfect hen weekend destination, so if you are looking at it as an option, ask us and we’ll get you a great price for a fantastic weekend.

If you're looking for great value for money, a hen do weekend in Blackpool would be perfect for you!

What Can You Do In Blackpool?