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About Blackpool

Why have a Blackpool Hen Do?

Hen Dos have been around for years, and one of the most traditional destinations for a hen party is (and has always been) the brilliant seaside town of Blackpool. The stereotypical image of hens in high heels, with feather boas and L Plates is firmly connected to the town, which they revel in, as they are exceedingly hen-friendly. In fact, Blackpool Hen Dos are so traditional at this point that I can guarantee at least one of your party have considered it already, even if you hadn’t!

If you’ve never been on a Blackpool Hen Do then you won’t have experienced the hugely friendly atmosphere that comes with this location. In fact, the vast majority of hen parties that we have sent to Blackpool come back telling us just how nice the locals were and how they had an amazing time. The other thing that keeps Blackpool super popular is the pricing. Unlike some of the other traditional hen do destinations, a Blackpool Hen Do will not break the bank. In fact, it’s superb value for money across the board.

Where to Stay?

One thing that a Blackpool Hen Do never has any problems with is finding accommodation. In fact, Blackpool is full of places that you can stay, whatever type of accommodation you are looking for. With a wide array of everything from local guest houses and B&Bs, chain hotels, boutique hotels or even some Bespoke Hen Accommodation, this town is happy to oblige you with an option that will perfectly suit your requirements and your budget.

Blackpool is also exceedingly well designed, with everything being nice and close together (hotels, activities, nightlife etc), so that also means that it doesn’t matter what type of accommodation you choose for you and the girls, you’ll never have far to go to make it back to wherever it is that you are spending the night.

Popular activities

From an activity perspective, a Blackpool Hen Do is never disappointing. doesn’t disappoint either. With more than seventy activities available (at the time of writing), this hen-friendly town provides more entertainment than you can possibly squeeze into one weekend.

Even our recommendations list is as long as my arm. Obviously the Afternoon Tea with unlimited Prosecco is hugely popular, because not only do you get some wonderful food, but you get UNLIMITED PROSECCO, and that’s something that almost all hen dos can agree is something to embrace. As well as the Afternoon Tea with unlimited Prosecco, the other activity that is almost always included for every Blackpool Hen Do that we arrange is the Cocktail Making. There’s a reason that this is one of the most commonly included activities here, as the entire session is full of fun, laughter, a little bit of education and a lot of drinking! Other traditional hen do activities that always book up fast in Blackpool include our infamous Dance Classes (with a vast number of different styles available), Escape Rooms, Go-Karting, Pamper Days and loads more. These, and all of the other activities we offer are all great fun and exceedingly popular for any Blackpool Hen Do.

But the crowning achievement of Blackpool is the pleasure beach. This local amusement park is nationally famous, thanks in the most part to “The Big One” – a rollercoaster that was the tallest in the UK at the time it was built, and is still impressive today. With day passes available to the pleasure beach you can drop in and out throughout the day. After all, since the pleasure beach is only available on a Blackpool Hen Do, why not embrace it and enjoy this absolutely amazing activity while you get the chance.


The good news is that it’s not just the activities and accommodation that are tailored for a perfect Blackpool Hen Do – your nights out will be just as perfect. This town is full of classy bars (some of which you will have heard of, and some of which are local hotspots), a variety of restaurants to satisfy your hunger in between cocktails and nightclubs where you can dance the night away until the sun comes up! To put it bluntly, this town has a nightlife reputation it is proud of, and which is richly deserved.

The other thing that a Blackpool hen do is perfect for is getting to see some absolutely gorgeous men whose job it is to entertain you. The cabarets in Blackpool are to die for, with drinks, food and entertainment to keep you entertained throughout the evening. Alternatively, if you are after something a little more private, why not arrange a stripper to come and give the hen and the rest of you a private show – you’ll be happy with what you see, we can assure you!

In short, a Blackpool Hen Do is the biggest and best hen do you’ll ever experience. Also, as we mentioned before, the value for money is insanely good – with pre-built packages from as little as £109pp (based on dates travelling, number of people, etc) and we can tailor a package to be even better if you are desperate to meet a fixed budget. With all of these amazing options for what to do, and given how much value for money you’ll be getting across the entire weekend, the question isn’t “Do I book a Blackpool Hen Do” but instead it should be “What shall I include on my Blackpool Hen Do?” And we can help with that – get in touch and we’ll tailor make you a perfect quote to include everything you want at a price you can’t refuse.

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