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About Leicester

Why should I pick a Leicester Hen Do?

Smack bang in the middle of the country, this historic city offers a great selection of accommodation and activities for your hen do. Couple that with the fact that it also plays host to a vibrant and varied nightlife which caters for all tastes, and you can quickly see why a Leicester hen do makes perfect sense for all concerned.

This city has some great history as well. In fact, Leicester is famous for many things, most notably for being the home of Walkers crisps and also hitting the headlines of being the final resting place of Richard III, whose remains were discovered under a car park in 2012. This should go some small way to demonstrate that Leicester has had an important place in history, as well as in the present. It was also the Birthplace of the Package Holiday, so thanks for that Leicester!

Getting to Leicester

Leicester’s central location makes it easy to get to by road or rail from pretty much everywhere in the county. Which is really convenient – especially if you got a geographically diverse group of ladies coming together for your Leicester Hen Do. After all, you don’t want something as simple (and annoying) as geography to get in the way of the best weekend you’ll ever have, do you?

Where to Stay?

Leicester offers up a fantastic selection of accommodation options throughout the city, so no matter what your important requirements may be, we can ensure that these are all easily fulfilled. The range of options is outstanding from budget chain hotels and B&B’s right through to luxurious self-catering properties and top of the range hotels. We can also make sure you are located in the area you most want to be for your Leicester Hen Do, as all of these options are well located near to some of the cities best nightlife.

Popular activities

A Leicester Hen Do can pick between more than eighty different activities (at the time of writing), so you can imagine that no two Leicester Hen Dos are the same. One of our most popular activities in Leicester is the hilarious Olympic Shames, which is a great activity, including games like, ‘Is It In Yet’ and ‘Twerk Off’ (and yes, both of those games are as rude and hilarious as you would imagine). This is truly a fantastic activity for any hen do, although it can get a bit competitive – but that’s not always a bad thing is it? After all, who doesn’t like a bit of competition?

Maybe your hen isn’t too fussed about physical activities, and would like a more relaxed and luxurious weekend away? If that’s the case then why not pick from any of our nice relaxing options. The Pamper Day option is always a winner, especially since you can tailor it to suit exactly what you’d like for your Leicester Hen Do. If you or the hen (or the rest of the girls) are Gin lovers, why not embrace that and experience the delights of the Gin Cocktail Masterclass? You’ll get to make (and drink) cocktails that taste amazing, and it means you’ll have learnt a new skill for the future.

Some Leicester Hen Dos decide that one of the best things that they can do for part of their hen do is just to relax and enjoy a bit of retail therapy, and this city has plenty of options for that as well. There are two shopping centres (with our favourite being Highcross, which boasts over 120 stores and restaurants) and also its worth checking out the many designer shops and boutiques in St Martins square and the Leicester lanes. The other place that is worth a visit is Leicester Market, which is the largest outdoor covered market in Europe.

After all that shopping you may need a rest, so why not book a delicious Afternoon tea with two hours of free Prosecco, as the best way to recover from a day of retail delights?


The crux of any good hen do, the nightlife. After all, the nights out tend to be the focal point of any Leicester Hen Do, so is it worth it? Does this city have everything it needs to give you an unforgettable night out? Of course it does.

Before diving headfirst into drinks, it’s probably a good idea to go and grab something to eat to ensure that your stomach is well lined prior to the heavy drinking that will inevitably follow. Luckily your choice of restaurants and cuisines in Leicester is very large indeed, so the options are plentiful for you and the hens to find somewhere great to eat before heading out on the town.

Once you are out, you’ll find a great selection of pubs and bars all located just a stones throw from each other, and providing some absolutely amazing drinks. Doesn’t matter whether you prefer a proper pub, or are crazy about a cocktail bar, you’ll quickly find venues that you love and that will keep you entertained for your big night out. Once you decide it’s time to move on to the next thing, that’s where Leicester will continue to pull out the stops. This city has a great selection of nightclubs for you to appreciate, with all kinds of music available – everything from rock to hardcore dance and anything else you can think of is available. Given that choice, there’s no reason that you won’t be tearing up the dancefloor until morning, before staggering home as the sun sets in front of you – a perfect end to a Leicester Hen Do.

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