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Stag Do Weekends in Derby

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Derby is one of those cities that always crops up on surprising lists, and one that helps clarify why Derby is a brilliant destination for your stag do is that it crops up pretty high in the list of “towns and cities that drank the most alcohol”. And if that doesn’t make you pack your bag and start to head off towards Derby already, then I don’t know what does.

With a huge selection of accommodation styles available, you can rest anywhere in Derby you like – so whether you’re on a tight budget or looking to splash out in style, you won’t have any problem finding a home base to work from throughout the Stag Do Weekend as a whole.

With a huge number of adrenaline-fuelled activities available in this city, then you will never have to worry about finding things to do. If you are a fan of driving, then strap into a rage buggy and zoom around the dusty track, bouncing all around the place and feeling the wind in your hair. If you are someone who prefers the water, then we highly recommend the White Water Rafting – if you haven’t tried it, then you haven’t lived!

That’s just two of over fifty activities available for your Derby stag weekend – so you’ll never be short of something to do during the day. But what about the evenings?

Well the good news is that Derby has a huge selection of bars and clubs, all located in the Friar’s gate section of the city. This popular area has enough nightlife to satisfy even the hardest partying stag group, with drinks galore and plenty of places where you can show off your dancing skills as well. So with all of this available to you, why aren’t you already giving us a ring to get a quote for your perfect Derby Stag Weekend.

If you like the sound of Derby for your stag do, enquire now or call one of our stag weekend experts on 01202 566100 and create the perfect stag package for your group.

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