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About Derby

Why pick a Derby Stag Do?

Derby is one of those cities that always crops up on surprising lists, and one that helps clarify why a Derby Stag Do is a brilliant idea is that it crops up pretty high in the list of “towns and cities that drank the most alcohol”. And if that doesn’t make you pack your bag and start to head off towards Derby already, then I don’t know what does.

I am joking, of course. There are plenty of other reasons to pick Derby as a destination for the best weekend of your life. After all, this is a city with over a quarter of a million people in it, and given what a heavyweight it is in the industrial world, it’s no surprise that it has a popular tourist trade and it is filled with locals who like to both work hard and play hard – and could anything else be better for your Derby Stag Do than that?


There are a huge selection of accommodation styles available when you are booking a Derby Stag Do, with every type of accommodation you can think of being an option on the table. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re on a tight budget or looking to splash out in style, you won’t have any problem finding somewhere to use as a home base for your Derby Stag Do.

Hotels are the most popular option here, with everything from great value chain hotels to posh boutique options available throughout this city. Other popular options include Guest Houses and B&Bs, which are always able to give you a great local flavour (and usually are much more informative if you need questions about where to go drinking etc)0

Popular activities

Derby offers a huge number of activities for you to enjoy throughout your Derby Stag Do – there are over fifty options available at the time of writing, with more on the way soon. Because of Derby’s great location and the fact that it is a city surrounded by fields and other open land, it means that there are a great number of adrenaline-fuelled activities available for you to take part in.

If the stag is a big fan of motorsports and driving in general, then why don't you all strap into the rage buggies and zoom around the dusty track, bouncing all around the place, feeling the wind in your hair and, most importantly, comparing times to see who was the fastest. Other motorsports options that are always highly sought after in Derby include 4x4 Off Road Driving, Go-Karting and Quad Biking, all of which manage to marry the excitement of driving with the competitive spirit that all stag dos have.

But for some Derby Stag Dos, all of those motorsport options are too small. They want to drive something big – impossibly big. They want to try something they have never tried before. Well the good news is that Derby is one of only three UK destinations where you can drive the biggest thing you will ever drive in your life – a full size Tank. Yes, that’s right, you can book a Derby Stag Do to include Tank Driving, where (supervised by trained tank drivers) you will all get a chance to actually drive a real tank and see what it is like. This activity comes highly recommended, as whenever we mention it to anyone planning a Derby Stag Do, nine out of ten times they end up booking it.

We’ve talked about many outdoor activities for Derby Stag Dos, but I don’t want you to think that these are the only options for you to take advantage of. Derby can also offer many other activities including things like Cyber Golf (which is like playing Golf, but without the inconvenient walking), Cocktail Making (which is an absolute godsend, because as well as learning how to make tasty drinks, you get to DRINK tasty drinks) and a Pub Crawl Treasure Hunt (allowing you to explore new pubs and learn about the local area at the same time). Due to the amazing selection of options that your Derby Stag Do can include, you and the lads will never have to worry about finding things to do.


As far as your evenings out go, a Derby Stag Do is chock full of options and great solutions for you and the lads. Before going out drinking, it’s a great idea to sit down and have a meal, but often you’ll find that people disagree on what to eat. Well Derby has solved that problem by giving you the option to book a Medieval Banquet! Flagons of booze, turkey legs and more can be consumed en masse to line your stomachs before your big night out.

Once you’ve finished eating and are heading out into the city, the area you need to aim for is the Friar’s gate section of the city. This popular area has enough nightlife to satisfy even the hardest partying stag group, with drinks galore and plenty of places where you can show off your dancing skills as well. If you get towards the end of the night and fancy something a little different, there are also a great selection of gentlemen’s clubs and casinos that will entertain you right through until the next morning, when you can stagger back to your hotel and collapse onto your bed, happy but exhausted.

With all of this and more available to you, hopefully it’s become clear why a Derby Stag Do is one of the greatest ideas you could ever have. Get in touch and let us tailor make you a perfect quote today.

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