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About Leeds

Reasons to Visit

Leeds Stag Dos have been a staple of the stag do market for many years, and for a damn good reason. It has the fourth largest student population in the entire of the country, and we all know that more students equals more nightlife and more nightlife equals better nightlife as they’ve all got to compete with each other. In short, all of that means Leeds is a destination which you should definitely be considering for your stag do weekend.

Drinking and nightlife are not the only reason to consider a Leeds Stag Do – this city is well known and has such a great reputation for any number of reasons. It is well known for beautiful architecture, amazing scenery and being an amazing cultural hub. So whatever you like to do when you aren’t taking part in pre-planned activities on your Leeds Stag Do, this city has many options for you to entertain yourselves.

Popular activities

Leeds is absolutely jam-packed with activities that will enhance your stag do. In fact, at the time of writing, there are more than fifty different activities that you can choose to incorporate into your Leeds Stag Do, so why don’t we have a little look at some of the most popular and most unique? As far as popular options go, the Clay Pigeon Shooting is certainly something that is added to Leeds Stag Dos on a pretty regular basis, and for good reason. After all, it’s not only a thrilling activity in itself, but it can be supremely competitive as well, which is always popular, as winning bragging rights is an essential part of any Stag Do.

Another set of popular options are our football-based activities. Leeds has a long history with the beautiful game, with Leeds F.C. having been formed over a century ago, and currently competition at the highest national level in the Premier League. We’re not suggesting that you should start playing Premiership quality games or anything, but being in a location so deeply tied to the sport means that booking a five-a-side game is often a popular option. But what if you want something a bit different – that's still football-related, but a bit wackier than five-a-side? The good news there is that you’ve come to the right place. We offer Zorb Football, Goggle Football, even Electric Shock Football, all of which have their own appeals, and are always popular when added to a Leeds Stag Do.

When it comes to more unique activities, there are a couple in Leeds that always spring to mind. Bushcraft is one – this is something we only currently offer at a couple of UK Locations, and is definitely something different you can do for your stag weekend, getting to learn how to live and survive in the wild is definitely something that will help bring you all together, and you’ll definitely need to act as a team to get the best out of it.

Another activity that you don’t find in that many destinations is the Indoor Snowboarding option – and lets be honest, in the UK, indoor snowboarding is the only way you’ll ever get to experience the sport at all, so why not add that onto your Leeds Stag Do if you enjoy the wind rushing through your hair and the sheer adrenaline of riding a small board down a steep hill?


You can’t mention the Nightlife on a Leeds Stag Do without mentioning a particular option. The big one – the world famous Leeds activity – the Otley Run. This is a mammoth sixteen venue bar crawl, that starts in Headingly and ends up nearly two and a half miles away. Named after the Otley Road, where drinkers used to visit all of the Tetley bars on their way into town, this tradition was taken and reinvented by students to make it what it is now.

If you don’t fancy the Otley Run (or at least, not on BOTH nights of your stag weekend), then you’ll be wondering what other types of nightlife there are around. The answer is everything you can think of! If you want to grab some food before you head out on the town, why not go and take part in one of the Man Vs Food style Gutbuster Challenges, where you’ll attempt to eat some ridiculously oversized food for nothing more than bragging rights and your picture up on a wall. If you want a slightly more sensibly sized meal, there are a great selection of other restaurants around the city, offering every type of food that you can think of.

As far as the bars themselves are concerned, you will be truly spoiled for choice on your Leeds Stag Do. Whether you like local quiet pubs where you can chat away while sinking a pint or three, or popular chain bars where they sell every type of booze you’ve ever imagined, Leeds has it for you. There’s even a bierkeller, which is always worth a visit, because German beer is amazing, and the atmosphere in the Bierkeller is always electric.

After a few drinks have been sunk and you are looking into places to spend the end of the evening in, you’ll still struggle to choose from all the great options. Nightclubs of all shapes and sizes are dotted around the city, along with gentlemen’s clubs, casinos and loads more options. To put it bluntly, the biggest problem with a night out in Leeds is that you’ll always feel like you didn’t get to try everywhere you wanted to go!

In short, a Leeds Stag Do is an absolutely perfect option for almost any stag do, so let us know what you are after and we’ll tailor make you a perfect quote straightaway.

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