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About Liverpool

Why choose a Liverpool Stag Do?

Liverpool is famous for many things. The birthplace of the Beatles, an international city of culture and the most successful footballing city in England, to name just a few of its feats. And that’s all well and good, but how does a Liverpool Stag Do stack up against its competition? The answer is, incredibly well. Since it was founded in 1207, Liverpool has always been known as a place where entertainment is rife, and over the years its reputation has just got bigger and better – blossoming into a city that is perfect for a last night of freedom.

The city being a perfect place to have a stag do is always important. After all, you can find activities and nightlife in many places around the country, so what is it that makes Liverpool so special? The answer (seemingly) is the atmosphere. A trip to Liverpool is unlike a trip to anywhere else in the country, as the mix of friendly locals, great facilities and beautiful view make a Liverpool Stag Do one that is hard to be beaten.

Where to Stay?

Liverpool is a very varied city, with lots of different areas each with their own charm and wonder – so no matter what you are looking for when it comes to accommodation, we've got you covered. Whether you want a great value hotel room surrounded by bars in a party area of town, or some more luxurious apartments in a slightly quieter neighbourhood (but still not too far from the party scene), Liverpool can provide.

The key thing to remember is that Liverpool has an amazing public transport system, so wherever you end up choosing to stay won’t impact your nights out, as you’ll always be able to get back to your accommodation with minimal fuss, which is always a winner.

Popular activities

Activity-wise, there’s loads that you can do on your Liverpool Stag Do. But since most people think of football when they think of this city, we’ve made sure there’s a wide array of football-related activities available to you here. Let’s start with the crown jewel in the list (and the one that most people pick Liverpool specifically for) - the Anfield Tour. This tour is one that any football-mad stag will remember, as you’ll get shown all around the stadium itself, and get to spend time going through the Anfield museum, as well as having your photo taken alongside some of the teams most famous trophies – that'll be a photo to treasure.

If you want to actually play some football on your Liverpool Stag Do instead of (or as well as) visiting the stadium, then you’ll be pleased to hear we have a fair few options. The Five a Side Football is obviously popular, as there’s nothing more visceral and exciting than playing a game of football against your mates. We do, however, also offer some more alternative football-based activities including Zorb Football, Electric Shock Football and Goggle Football – all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages, and all of which are great fun to play.

That's not all we offer of course – if you don’t want football-related activities, we still have plenty to offer. You could put your foot down and race the other lads with a traditional session of Go-Karting, tackle mother nature herself by battling your way through the White Water Rafting, test your brain by seeing if you can solve a selection of puzzles to find your way out of an Escape Room or compete to see who is the best at such classic sports such as the egg and spoon race in the Old School Sports Day competition.

That’s just a handful of the more than sixty activity options we offer as part of a Liverpool Stag Do – such great variety means that there will be something for everyone to choose.


Nights out on a Liverpool Stag Do are infamous for being outstandingly great. It’s important to spend as much time as possible on your night out, because no matter how long you are out, you still won’t have enough time to visit everywhere you’d like to visit. The first stop (highly recommended by us) should be to grab some food, so whether you just want a burger or fancy a full on sit-down restaurant meal, you’ll be perfectly located to find exactly what you need.

Then it’s on to the pubs and bars, and what a selection of options you have available to you. Some groups prefer to be guided around (especially on their first night), so that they know which bars are good and which are bad – and if that sounds like something you’d prefer, why not have a look at adding the Bar Crawl Babes to your Liverpool Stag Do package? These ladies will take you around all of the best nightspots in the area, and they’ll even take care of the queueing for the bar, so all you need to do is stay seated and wait for them to return with the drinks. Sheer perfection.

After visiting a range of bars and pubs, it’s time to step it up a notch. Liverpool has some amazing nightclubs that cover a whole range of musical genres and styles. No matter what you like to dance to, you’ll find a club on your Liverpool Stag Do that will tick all the boxes you are looking for, and that’s the club you’ll find yourself dancing in until the sun comes up and you have to stagger back to your accommodation to get some rest before you do it all again the next day.

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