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About Albufeira

Reasons to Visit

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine relaxing on a beach. Soaking in the beautiful sun, listening to the waves crashing on the shore. With a drink in your hand and your best girls by your side, could you imagine anything better? Of course you couldn’t. And if that’s the kind of weekend away that you are after, then an Albufeira Hen Do is one of the best possible choices for you and the girls. This beautiful city is on the south coast of Portugal, awarding you some of the most tropical weather you’ll experience on a European holiday. Coupled with the beautiful views and great value accommodation, an Albufeira Hen Do is an absolute must if you want to celebrate your last weekend of freedom in style.

I want to go abroad, but isn't it expensive?

This is a popular question about European Hen parties, and one we get asked a lot. It’s understandable, considering that a lot of the more famous, traditional, beachside European destinations that you might consider for your girls' weekend away can end up costing a lot, especially once you factor in flights, hotels, drinks and things to do while you are out there. Luckily, Albufeira excels when it comes to value for money, which is just one more reason in a long list of reasons as to why you should have an Albufeira Hen Do.

Popular activities

We’ve not even mentioned all of the great activities that are available to you on an Albufeira Hen Do, and we really should, as the list of things that you can do while you are there is huge. With it being a beautiful coastal city boasting twenty-one beaches and a marina, obviously water and beach themed activities are high on the agenda for many groups, and this beautiful destination is more than happy to provide many options. By far and away, the most popular activity we offer in these sunny climes is a trip out on the party boat, which will take you for a beautiful cruise along the gorgeous coastline while you spend time drinking and dancing with a selection of like minded individuals – this is available at different times of day, so whether you want it to be the highlight of your afternoon, or you’d prefer to be out on the sea as the sun sets, it’s an absolutely breath-taking activity either way.

Other water based activities that are always popular are the more adrenaline-fuelled ones, with jet skiing, surfing and powerboating all some of the more outrageous activities available. If you want to go completely the other way and enjoy some sheer relaxation on the water, then a private yacht hire is the activity for you. After all, who doesn’t like the idea of relaxing on the deck of a sumptuous yacht while you enjoy a drink or three and some tasty food?

Some of the most popular ways to spend time on an Albufeira Hen Do aren’t anything to do with the beaches or beautiful oceans, however. Cocktail Making, Horse Riding and a Vineyard Tour around a very special vineyard are just some of the other activities that can form the basis of the best hen do you’ve ever been on.


We’ve got this far, and I can see that you are already digging out your passport in anticipation. But we haven’t even mentioned the nightlife – one of the essentials of any weekend away. The nightlife on an Albufeira Hen Do will definitely keep you fully entertained and inebriated throughout the weekend. You’ll soon find yourself exploring the famous strip which contains a huge number of bars, pubs and clubs. If you are the sort of person who’d like some advice in which establishments are best, then we have all kinds of guided bar tours available to help you – these can be a godsend, especially on your first night out! This isn't essential of course, but they do tend to be a great way to experience the nightlife of a new city.

Regardless of whether you choose to set up a bar tour, it’s certain that you’ll find yourself exploring such landmarks as Linekars, Café del Mar and the extremely popular Kiss nightclub throughout your Albufeira Hen Do. The entertainment will come thick and fast, and you’ll be entertained throughout the evening and well into the next morning.

Getting there

The activities sound perfect, the destination is beautiful and the nightlife is out of this world. So what are you waiting for? Well the last area of concern for any European Hen Do is the one we haven’t mentioned yet – how easy is it to get there? This is the best news of all. The closest airport to Albufeira is Faro, which is currently served by over fifteen UK airports with regular flights (which are also great value for money, especially if you get them booked up in advance). With airport transfers into the centre of the city being a recommended part of any package, it’ll make the entire travelling experience smooth and simple – ensuring that your Albufeira Hen Do gets up and running with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of excitement.

With all of that covered, is it any wonder that Albufeira has been one of our top selling European Hen Do Destinations for several years? The combination of beautiful beaches, blazing sun, cheap flights and great value for money is a combination that has seduced many groups, so why not let it seduce you? Get in touch and we’ll price up your perfect Albufeira Hen Do, ensuring that you get everything you want at the budget that you need.

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