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About Sheffield

Why should I pick a Sheffield Hen Do?

Sheffield is a jewel in the heart of Yorkshire and a city that is an absolutely brilliant location for your hen do. The largest city in South Yorkshire is friendly, polite and filled to the brim with exciting and entertaining things for any group of ladies to enjoy, no matter when in the year you visit.

Filled with activities, packed with potential and containing a barrage of bars, a Sheffield Hen Do will provide you with everything that the hen could possibly want, all at great value and with no hassle whatsoever. This city is a perfect place for a perfect hen do.

Where to Stay?

The accommodation options for any Sheffield Hen Do are nothing short of brilliant. Whether you are looking to keep the weekend within a strict budget and just want somewhere to rest your heads, or whether you want to splash the cash and enjoy the most luxurious options available, Sheffield easily has you covered for all eventualities.

The variety of options available includes Hotels, B&Bs, Guest Houses and even Bespoke accommodation, meaning that whatever type or accommodation you’d like to spend your weekend in, it’ll be easy to book your Sheffield Hen Do into your perfect choice.

Popular activities

Entertainment-wise, the activity selection is amazing – with over eighty activities available (at the time of writing), you won’t be short of anything to do on your Sheffield Hen Do, whatever your ideal activity is. In fact, since there are so many activities to choose from (and since any Sheffield Hen Do tends to be great value for money), why only choose one? You can easily mix and match any of the activities available to ensure that your Sheffield hen Do is packed full of excitement and wonder.

One of the most popular activities for any Sheffield Hen Do is the always-traditional but always-hilarious cocktail making class, where you can enjoy each others company, learn a few recipes and get acceptably drunk before you have a night out, which is an option that is exceedingly popular. It’s even available in a gin-specific format now, which is a new spin on a popular activity that means even if you’ve done cocktail making in the past, you may as well do it again, but this time with more gin.

There are plenty of other activities that are popular on a Sheffield Hen Do, with Pamper Days, Dance Classes and even Jewellery Making being options that are often discussed with excitement and wonder. But one of other popular options is one that a lot of Hen dos don’t even consider when they start planning – and that is Indoor Skiing or Snowboarding. If you have a hen who really likes doing something a bit out of the ordinary and is happy to try something that’s a bit more energetic and gives you a huge rush, then this is definitely something to consider for your Sheffield Hen Do.

With other options that include Old School Sports Day, Pizza Making, Nude Life Drawing, a Make Up Masterclass and even a day at the races, it quickly becomes clear that a Sheffield Hen Do is more than just a selection of options for you to pick from, it’s an absolute smorgasbord of delights, allowing you to pick any or all the options from the giant list lower down on this page. Suffice it to say, that no matter what the hen’s interests are, we can combine them all to tailor make an absolutely perfect hen weekend.


A night out on a Sheffield Hen Do is infamous. Seriously. Sheffield is a city that has embraced pubs and bars in a big way, which makes it absolutely perfect for any organised night out like a hen do. It even goes one better by ensuring that the best of these pubs and bars are all located close to each other, so you can bar hop as much as you like to try and find your new favourite place to drink without having to walk very far at all, which is always important – especially as it means you don’t have to worry about wearing comfortable shoes.

To put it bluntly, there are more pubs and bars than you can possibly visit in one weekend available to you throughout your Sheffield Hen Do, which is something every group of girls wants to hear, as it shows just what a great and varied time you can have on your nights out.

We’ve not even mentioned the nightclubs yet. Sheffield has a great selection of clubs that have the potential to keep you dancing right through until the sun comes up, which is a perfect way to end any night. It doesn’t matter what type of music you are into – whether you are desperate for some dance music, hungry for some house or craving some cheesy pop, Sheffield will have a nightclub for you, and they’ll almost definitely have some kind of drinks offer on as well!

In short, a Sheffield Hen Do is an absolute banger from start to finish – so what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and let us know exactly what the hen likes and what she doesn’t like, what sort of place you’d like to stay and what sort of budget you want the weekend to have, and we’ll tailor make you a quote for an absolutely perfect Sheffield Hen Do.

It doesn’t take long, just give us a call or pop us an email, and we’ll quickly price up the most wonderful hen do you’ll ever have the chance to experience.

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