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Hen Do Weekends in Southampton

About Southampton

Southampton is one of the largest cities in the south. In fact, because it lies on the south coast it boasts a warmer climate than most UK cities and actually holds a record for the highest June temperature since 1976 in which it reached an almost sub-tropical 35.6 degrees Celsius. So who knows, it could happen again – why not arrange your Southampton Hen Do Weekend in June and see if you are lucky enough to enjoy such a heatwave again!

For the Hen Weekend itself, obviously a key component is your accommodation. Southampton is a city that has a wide selection of hotels (and other accommodation options), so you know that regardless of your needs or budget, you will be in some well located, popular, great accommodation for your weekend of wonder in Southampton.

There are a huge number of activities available for your Hen Weekend in Southampton – over eighty at the time of writing – and these range wildly from traditional hen activities like dance classes or pamper days, through some more slightly off-the-wall options including recording studio, Lip Sync Battle and Knicker Making, and even going as far as some options you can only explore on a coastal destination including jet skiing and the ultimate in luxury activities – Speedboat hire.

With all of that available to you during the day, is there a risk of the nightlife being overshadowed? Not a bit of it. A night out in Southampton is something that you’ll never forget as it’s a great city with such a brilliant atmosphere. Whether you want to start your night off with a nice meal in a restaurant, clink a few glasses at a cocktail bar or just enjoy a quiet drink in a local pub is your choice, but we can guarantee that once you’ve started, Southampton won’t let you stop. You’ll be out drinking and dancing through until the next morning and have a brilliant time throughout your perfect hen do weekend.

What Can You Do In Southampton?