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Hen Do Weekends in Leeds

About Leeds

Hen Weekends have been centred around big cities for many years. And while, in this day and age, there are lots of towns that have a perfectly good reason for being considered, if you WANT a big city hen do experience, then Leeds should be right up there at the top of the list. With everything you can imagine at your fingertips, Leeds is a perfect location for your hen do weekend.

To start with, it’s one of the biggest cities in the country, so the accommodation options that it can offer to you are broad and suitable for all budgets. Whether you just want somewhere to lay your head down because you’re going to spend the entire time out on the town, or whether you want to live the life of luxury and have some time to spend on pure relaxation, then Leeds has it all. Hotels, Hostels, B&Bs, Guest Houses, Apartments - whatever type of accommodation you need, we can make sure you are central, comfortable and perfectly placed to enjoy your weekend away with the girls.

So now that your accommodation is all sorted out – what do you want to get up to during the day? With over eighty-five activities in Leeds freely available for hen parties, you won’t have the chance to get bored at all! We’ve got traditional hen weekend activities like pamper days and cocktail making as well as some more unique options for your Leeds Hen Party. If the bride to be is a big soap fan, why not take her to visit Emmerdale Farm? Alternatively, if she enjoys a singalong then a Karaoke session or even a visit to a recording studio will be an option she’ll remember forever.

We’ve got this far through and not even mentioned the nightlife! As the home to the UK’s fourth biggest student population, Leeds has more nightspots than you can possibly visit in one weekend. Whether you prefer pubs or bars, nightclubs or music venues – Leeds will keep you drinking and dancing right through the night.

If a hen do weekend in Leeds sounds like the perfect match for you, or if it's on your shortlist, contact one of our hen do specialists on 01202 566100 or via the contact form to create the best hen weekend in Leeds.

What Can You Do In Leeds?