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About Leeds

Reasons to Visit

Hen Dos have been centred around big cities for many years. And while, in this day and age, there are lots of towns that have a perfectly good reason for being considered, if you want a big city hen do experience, then Leeds should be right up there at the top of the list. With everything you can imagine at your fingertips, Leeds is a perfect location for your hen do.

In fact, there are so many reasons that a Leeds Hen Do is a perfect option, that it would take all day for me to list them for you. To start with, it’s one of the biggest cities in the country, which means that it has a huge variety of everything – places to stay, things to do, places to drink and more. It’s also insanely friendly, with the atmosphere being so warm and welcoming that you'll feel like your Leeds Hen Do is taking place in a cosy town rather than a big city.


The accommodation options for your Leeds Hen Do cover a broad range of options and are suitable for all budgets. Whether you just want somewhere to lay your head down because you’re going to spend the entire time out on the town, or whether you want to live the life of luxury and have some time to spend on pure relaxation, then Leeds has it all.

From Posh Hotels to Hostels, from B&Bs to Guest Houses, your Leeds Hen Do accommodation options will be able to provide exactly what you want. For some groups, the true selling point is our Bespoke Hen Accommodation, giving you your own apartments to rest and relax in throughout your weekend away, with plenty of room for drinks, nibbles and laughs without even having to leave the house. Essentially, whatever type of accommodation you need, we can make sure you are central, comfortable and perfectly placed to enjoy your weekend away with the girls.

Popular activities

One thing that a Leeds Hen Do will never be short of is activities to entertain you with during the daytimes. With more than ninety options currently available on our books (and with more being regularly updated), there’s no risk of getting bored at any point during your weekend away, as you simply won’t have the time!

When considering a Leeds Hen Do, it’s always worth looking at a particular activity that can only be done at this location. Whether or not the hen would like it usually comes down to one key question – is she a fan of soap operas? If she is, then the Emmerdale Farm Tour is most definitely one to take part in while you are in Leeds. After all, not only do you get to tour the set of this most famous of soaps, but you’ll also get the chance to have a photo taken on the infamous Dingle Sofa, enjoy some themed cocktails, and you can even choose to have some food in the Woolpack if that idea appeals to you.

The Emmerdale Farm Tour may be one of our most popular Leeds Hen Do activities, but it isn’t all that there is. Other popular activities at this amazing destination include such classics as Cocktail Making and Pamper Days, as well as an activity that is always popular with the divas amongst us – the Recording Studio! A step up from Karaoke, this amazing activity gives you the chance to pick a song – maybe one of the hen’s favourites, or one she really can’t stand depending on how mean you want to be – and then you’ll all contribute to the best recording of that song you’ve ever heard. You get copies to take away with you as well, meaning that you’ll always have it around to remember your Leeds Hen Do long after it’s over.


Nightlife on a Leeds Hen Do is out of this world. As the home to the UK’s fourth biggest student population, Leeds has more nightspots than you can possibly visit in one weekend. Whether you prefer pubs or bars, nightclubs or music venues – Leeds will keep you drinking and dancing right through the night.

If you like a challenge, then why not try the world-famous Otley Run? This bar crawl visits a total of sixteen bars on Otley Street. Established many years ago as a way to visit all the Tetley pubs in one fell swoop (and take advantage of certain licensing exemptions), this bar crawl has now become a routine rite of passage for many of the student population in the city, and is genuinely one of the best bar crawls you’ll ever experience.

Obviously once you’ve finished visiting as many bars as humanly possible, you’re going to want somewhere to go for the end of the evening, so it’s a good job Leeds has plenty of options for you! Late night cocktail bars are dotted around the city, there are a huge array of nightclubs offering a vast selection of music, as well as some live music venues as well, all of which will be perfect for your Leeds Hen Do.

In short then, a Leeds Hen Do sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Everything you want from a big city with an amazing atmosphere, some of the best nightlife you’ve ever experienced and a cracking set of activities. We pride ourselves on tailoring each quote to perfectly suit your groups budget and needs, so if you like the look of a Leeds Hen Do, just give us a call and let us know what you want – before you know it, we’ll have priced up a perfect hen do for you.

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