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About Oxford

Why should I pick an Oxford Hen Do?

Oxford. A city that is most famous for its university – and as we all know, universities equal students, and students equal nightlife. So if it is famous for having the university to start with, you can only imagine how great an Oxford Hen Do can be. And I can guarantee that whatever you are imagining is just the beginning of what your hen do in Oxford will be like.

I should clarify, it’s not just the drinking that makes an Oxford Hen Do a perfect choice (although it does help). This city is full of everything you could possibly want while you are on a girl’s weekend away. As well as all of the planned activities you can enjoy, there are some beautiful sights and experiences to have just by visiting Oxford. In fact, it’s got some of the loveliest looking architecture you’ve ever seen, some of the parks are perfect places to relax and get over a hangover, and there are so many shops that you’ll run out of shopping enthusiasm long before you run out of shops to visit.

Where to Stay?

The accommodation options available to any Oxford Hen Do are many and varied. We’ve got hotels, hostels, B&Bs, Guest Houses, Bespoke Hen Accommodation – whatever your budget and tastes require, we can very easily provide the perfect options to you. All of these have different advantages and disadvantages – the hostels, for example, might sound like something you’d automatically avoid, but they are one of our most popular options for Oxford Hen Do Accommodation. Super-clean, brilliantly located and a great value way of finding accommodation smack bang in the city centre.

The other most popular accommodation option tends to be the Bespoke Hen Accommodation, as this gives you the chance to have your own place for the duration of the Oxford hen do, so you’ll get some living space, a kitchen and more, meaning that you have some space to chill out and enjoy some pre drinks.

Popular activities

If you thought the accommodation options were varied, that’s nothing compared with the activity options. We have over eighty different activities (at the time of writing), that will keep you entertained for your entire Oxford Hen Do. In fact, there are more activities available than you could ever squeeze into one weekend away. Fancy an afternoon tea with unlimited prosecco once you have arrived? Not a problem at all. Want to get classier than a standard cocktail making session? Why not try the Gin Cocktail session – with a little more class and a lot more gin, it’s a perfect activity for you and the girls to enjoy.

I don’t want you thinking all of the activities we offer are alcohol based – we've got a huge number of other activities too, both energetic and relaxing – Pamper Days, Quad Biking, Lip Sync Battle, Wakeboarding, Salsa dancing – the list goes on and on, which is perfect when you are looking to tailor make a perfect Oxford hen do.

I have saved the best until last however, which is the very traditional activity of punting. This beautifully relaxing activity comes in a couple of different varieties, and whichever you pick, you’ll find that this unique activity is totally worth your time. The first option is a guided punt – this is the most relaxing option, as you have someone doing the punting for you and giving you a tour of the local area at the same time, meaning that all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy some snacks and drinks. Alternatively, if you fancy getting involved in the punting, you can simply hire the punt without a guide, and you can all have a go at seeing how much harder work punting is than it looks – trying very hard not to crash into the sides of the river or other boats!


Nights out on an Oxford Hen Do are superb. If you like your night out to start with a nice meal somewhere, then why not look at one of the many restaurant options that this city can provide? Everything from a nice sit-down three course meal right through to just grabbing a quick burger and a drink are available for you. After all, how better to start a night out than with all of you sitting around, eating some delicious food, drinking some great wine and having a natter and a gossip before the serious drinking begins?

This city is full of options for classic pubs, trendy bars, jazz clubs, and many more – most of which are all on the same street, meaning that it is even easier for you to enjoy venue after venue and turn your night out into the best one you’ve had in a long time. There are chain pubs that can offer you great drinks deals and a perfect place to start your night out, popular bars that are great to visit once you are a few drinks down, and then some brilliant nightclubs that will keep you drinking and dancing until the sun comes up the next day.

So if an Oxford Hen Do sounds like the sort of thing that you’ve been desperate to plan for the greatest weekend away you’ll ever have, get in touch and let us know what you’d like. We’ll take all of your info and tailor make you a perfect hen do that will ensure you have the time of your lives. Whatever your budget or requirements may be, we can ensure that you and the girls have the best Oxford Hen Do imaginable.

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