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About London

Reasons to Visit

London is one of the most divisive cities in the country. Some people love it, and some absolutely hate it. Here at the Stag and Hen Experience, we are big fans of our nation’s capital, as it is exciting and full of things to do – everything is nearby and combined with its world-famous public transport system, you’ll have no problems getting around to everything you want to do.

In fact, part of the selling point of a London Hen Do is just how much you can get up to while you are there, and we’re not just talking about pre-planned activities. After all, London is the shopping capital of the country and also has some of the most beautiful sights in the UK, so while pre-planned activities are great, it’s also worth leaving a free couple of hours to hit some designer boutiques or just take a lovely stroll along the south bank of the Thames.

Where to Stay?

London has a LOT of hotels. This should come as no surprise to anyone. This does mean that we can tailor your accommodation experience to suit all other aspects of the weekend – if you are going to do a particular activity or want to spend a night out at a particular venue, we can ensure that you are getting the closest possible accommodation so that everything runs as smoothly as possible. We are also able to offer some beautiful five-star accommodation in London, with on-site facilities including pampering, restaurants and more.

While hotels are the most common accommodation choice in London, we do have other types of accommodation as well – including some absolutely gorgeous holiday apartments, which are perfect for you to relax in between your planned outings, as they’ll give you a bit of living space to enjoy some drinks and laughs, both of which are essential parts of any London Hen Do.

Popular activities

Activity-wise, you’re not going to be lacking for options – we currently have an incredible list of more than one hundred activities that are available for your London Hen Do, with more being added all the time. Obviously with a number that large, I can’t go into detail for most of them here, but suffice it to say some of the most popular ones (that I don’t have time to give more information on) include Cocktail Making, Afternoon Tea with Unlimited Prosecco, Pamper Days, Escape Rooms and loads more.

I just want to focus on the activities that are unique to London for the moment, to show you just how many things this city has to offer you that you can’t do anywhere else. So let’s start with the most popular (and most obvious) - a trip to a West End Show. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Getting the chance to visit one of London’s famous theatres and enjoy an amazing show? Obviously the shows that are available vary wildly depending on what’s on for the dates you have booked, but whether you want to see a long running classic like The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables or Mamma Mia, or whether you’d like to try something newer like Six or Everybody’s talking about Jamie, the experience of going to a West End show is unlike anything else, and adds an amazing experience to your London Hen Do.

Another London-centric activity that has been hugely popular in the last couple of years is the Thames Rockets – which are a chance for you to zoom down the Thames at high speed on powerboats, taking in the sights with a guide giving you a lowdown of what you are speeding past. But that’s not all the guide will do – if you speak to them beforehand, they will make sure you have a soundtrack that suits the hen to a tee, and may even tell some embarrassing stories about the hen while you are upriver, which should give everyone a good laugh.


Do I even need to mention London’s nightlife? There is a reason that the city is as busy at night as it is during the day – London has more bars, clubs and other nightspots than you can possibly imagine. Even choosing where to go for dinner has almost too many options to choose from – after all, London is home to all cuisines and all styles of restaurant, so whether you want a sit down meal or something quick to grab, you’ll have no problem finding somewhere that suits exactly what you wanted.

Then you can head out and visit the bars and pubs that appeal to you. Or, if you think there might be too much variety and you don’t know where to start, why not book yourselves onto the West End Bar Tour? This activity will take you around some of the best nightspots in London’s West End, with free shots and all kinds of other great aspects to it. In fact, these bar tours can be fully customisable, so if there are certain music types, bar types or even drinks that you want to ensure are included, just ask and it’ll be tailored to suit exactly what suits your London Hen Do.

Regardless of whether you book a bar tour or just take yourselves out to explore, if you want to visit a variety of drinking establishments, we’d recommend starting early and pacing yourselves, as you’ll still be exploring new nightspots hours later. After all the bars and pubs have been exhausted you’ll be welcomed with open arms by all of London’s best nightclubs, so once you’ve picked your favourite you’ll be able to dance the night away and not stagger back to your bed until the sun has risen once again.

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