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About Birmingham

Why choose a Birmingham Hen Do?

It can be really hard to pick your Hen Do Destination. You end up considering loads of possibilities, and it’s really tricky to narrow that down. This often means that certain destinations are automatically forgotten for no real reason, and I’m here to make sure that Birmingham doesn’t suffer that same fate. As the UK’s third largest city, Birmingham has everything you could ever want for a hen do, and all at great value.

The advantages to a Birmingham Hen Do are many and varied. As a big city, it obviously has the infrastructure, the accommodation and the desire to have as many visitors as possible, so the entire place is designed around visitors, meaning that everything from public transport to the huge selection of restaurants and bars are aimed to satisfy any group of visitors, which is perfect for your Birmingham Hen Do.

Where to Stay?

One of the most important things for any hen weekend is to have a home base that everyone can relax in. Obviously, depending on the girls in question, this can take many forms – but luckily Birmingham has every form of accommodation you can think of available, and all within easy reach of the city centre.

If you fancy putting your feet up in a luxurious spa hotel with facilities and treatments on site and ready for you to take advantage of, then why not book that? Maybe you don’t fancy a hotel at all, but you’d prefer some accommodation where you get a bit of living space and can all chill out together? If that’s the case then apartments or any other Bespoke Hen Accommodation sounds like it would be perfect for your Birmingham Hen Do. If you don’t really care what kind of accommodation you are staying in and just want somewhere clean and well-located where you can get a bit of sleep before going out again, then there are some amazing options for that as well.

Popular activities

Having dealt with the accommodation part of the puzzle, the next thing to look at are the activities. After all, for any hen do, the activities are a hugely important part, and they need to be just as good, if not better than anything you’ve ever done before. While the mantra “quality not quantity” is often true, the ideal situation is to have both quality AND quantity, and the good news is that your Birmingham Hen Do is easily able to offer this to you.

There are more than ninety activities available in Birmingham (at the time of writing), and this huge number means you are granted the flexibility to experience a perfect hen do no matter what your taste is. It would take way too long for me to list all of the popular Birmingham Hen Do activities here, so let me just touch on the three most commonly asked about ones.

1.Cocktail Making – This is one of the most popular activities for any hen do, and I’m pleased to say that Birmingham Hen Dos are no exception. After all, if you enjoy drinking cocktails, then you’d enjoy making cocktails, and if you are going to learn how to do so, then why wouldn’t you want to learn from the best? That’s what you get to do on our cocktail making classes – after it you’ll be a demon with daquiris and a master of mojitos

2.Olympic Shames – A newer activity, but proving to be hugely popular, this comic Olympics event is a great way to be competitive with the other girls, as you are split into teams and try desperately to be the best at events that would never be seen in the real Olympics, such as “Twerk Off”, “Do your balls hang low”, and the infamous “Is it in yet?” If you are already laughing while just reading this list of events, then the Olympic Shames is definitely worth adding to your Birmingham Hen Do itinerary.

3.Recording Studio – This one is a must if the hen is a drama queen, diva or just loves to perform. You’ll all get into a recording studio together and record a version of one of her favourite songs, and she’ll be able to keep the result for ever, which she will love (although you may not, depending on your vocal skills)!


Nights out in Birmingham are something that is out of this world. There are so many bars that you will never make it through them all in one night, no matter how hard you try! The trick with any Birmingham Hen Do is to plan a route through the many, many venue options that you have (which we can help you with). The mix of bars and clubs will keep the party going long into the early hours of the morning, so I hope you’ve got the stamina to keep up with the nightlife available to you, as you don’t want to be the first person to drop, do you?

A Birmingham Hen Do sounds perfect, doesn’t it? The other thing (that we haven’t even mentioned yet), is that Birmingham is one of the best value for money destinations, especially if you are looking for a major UK city to visit! With the accommodation, activities and nightlife all costing much less than you would imagine, it stands to reason that a Birmingham Hen Do is perfect. Why not ask us about some details so that we can tailor a quote to suit you? Better be quick though, as you can imagine, the disadvantage of such a great destination is that it books up very quickly indeed.

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