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Hen Do Weekends in Cardiff

About Cardiff

Cardiff is one of the great overlooked destinations of hen weekends. This beautiful city is the most popular destination for all tourists in the whole of Wales – and when you visit it is very easy to see why. It’s a perfect combination of location, atmosphere, and entertainment that makes it such a great place to visit – and for a hen weekend, you’ll be amazed at how much there is to do in such a small space.

Being quite a compact city, Cardiff’s accommodation has advantages that other, more spread out cities, don’t have. For example, most of the hotels and apartments that are available are within walking distance of the best bars and clubs in the area, meaning that you won’t have to find huge chunks of extra money to pay for taxis at the end of the night. Also, because the city is surrounded by such beautiful countryside, if you fancy some kind of cottage or glamping, where you are out in the peace and quiet of nature – you can do that and still only be half an hour away from all the nightlife, which is a perfect compromise.

With the countryside and the city so close together, the selection of nearby activities you can take part in are extraordinary. In the countryside you can go exploring the outdoors in a big bad way with gorge scrambling, tear up some fields on quad bikes or take on the world-famous Welsh Games – or if you are looking for some quieter, more city-based activities, you can stitch yourself up with some Knicker Making, smile for the cameras for our elegant photo shoot or relax and enjoy some cake at an afternoon tea.

These are just a few of the many daytime activities available in Cardiff, which will help get you ready for your big welsh night out! With a great selection of restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs, a night out in Cardiff will start off well and get better from that point onward – you may not remember all the details the next day, but you’ll know that you had a great time.

If you're looking for great value for money, a hen do weekend in Cardiff is perfect for you!

What Can You Do In Cardiff?