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Stag Do Weekends in Brighton

The Details

Brighton is an absolutely brilliant destination for a stag weekend. Normally I’d give you some specific examples before stating that, but in Brighton’s case, it’s absolutely true. Long famous for being a friendly city with superb nightlife, Brighton was almost tailor made for stag weekends to visit – and it’s been a popular choice for many years.

Firstly, where to stay. Brighton is absolutely chock full of great accommodation. Whether you just want somewhere to lay your head and leave your wallet full for drinking, or whether you want a luxurious hotel, Brighton can fit the bill in every way. Brighton's compact city centre means that the vast majority of the accommodation available is just a short walk from the nightlife, meaning that you won’t be having to fork out for taxis at the end of the night (unless you’ve enjoyed yourself so much that walking is no longer an option!)

For a lot of stag groups, the range of activities is vital when choosing a destination. Great news on that front, as Brighton is bursting at the seams with great things to do. Go Karting, Electric Shock Football, Treasure Hunts – even Hot Air Ballooning is available if you are really looking to push the boat out. And after all of that exercise, you’ll need to fill up ready for the evening – so why not try a gut-buster food challenge and see which of you is the biggest glutton of them all.

And the nightlife – what needs to be said? Brighton is full of bars, pubs, clubs, strip clubs and more – whatever type of nightlife you enjoy, you’ll find it in spades in this superb city centre.

The short version of all of this? Stag Do Weekends in Brighton are brilliant, and we would agree with that assessment one hundred percent. Make sure you pack your best shoes and a big pack of paracetamol – you’ll have the night of your life.

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