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About Brighton

Reasons to visit

Brighton is an absolutely brilliant destination for a stag weekend. That sentence shouldn’t come as much of a shock, as Brighton has been famous for years for being a friendly city with superb nightlife. With that in mind, it’s no shock that Brighton Stag Dos have been a popular choice for many years. In fact, if you think about UK Stag Do Destinations, it’s surprising how quickly Brighton will pop into your head.

A seaside city that is infamous for being a hub for all kinds of nights out, Brighton was almost tailor made for stag weekends to visit, with everything you’d ever need for a stag do easily available to you, no matter what kind of stag do you are looking to organise.


Brighton is absolutely chock full of great places to stay. Whether you just want somewhere to lay your head that leaves your wallet full for drinking, or you want a luxurious hotel with all the modern conveniences, Brighton can fit the bill in every way. Brighton's compact city centre also means that the vast majority of the accommodation available is just a short walk from the nightlife, so you won't have to fork out for taxis at the end of the night. Unless, of course, you've enjoyed yourself so much that walking is no longer an option!

Popular activities

For a lot of stag groups, the range of activities is vital when choosing a destination. The great news on this front is that Brighton is absolutely bursting at the seams with great things to do. We offer more than fifty different activities for a Brighton Stag Do (at the time of writing), and these span a wide range of activity types.

For those who fancy some vehicle-based excitement, Brighton will give you the chance to get behind the wheel of some classic go-karts and race your mates, ride the rage buggies around a dirt track to see how fast you can go, and queue up for the quads so that you have a chance to see which of you can handle the power of these superb machines.

Of course, Brighton is famously the home of Brighton and Hove Albion, a football club that have been around for over one hundred and twenty years at this point, and for a lot of people, football related activities are always a must at a Blackpool Stag Do. With that in mind, we are pleased to offer a wide range of football based activities, with everything from a traditional five a side game, through to newer games such as Electric Shook Football, Zorb Football and both Footdarts and Footgolf (which are exactly what they sound like – Darts and Golf but played with footballs!)

This is just a handful of the activities that are available to you on your Brighton Stag Do, so whether you fancy any of those or something else entirely, have a look at the list down below and see what would appeal to you.


When it comes to the nightlife, what really needs to be said? You and I both know that Brighton has a truly solid reputation when it comes to nightlife, and that reputation is completely deserved. I’ve been on many nights out in Brighton over the years, and I always seem to find somewhere new to visit, it’s that kind of place.

Before you go drinking though, it’s probably a good idea to eat something. Brighton offers a great range of restaurants and other eateries with all cuisine types catered for, meaning that whatever you want, it’s easily available. And if you are a big eater and fancy making a game out of it, why not book a Gut Buster challenge? These food challenges (which change regularly) are reminiscent of the classic Man Vs Food TV series, and will see you trying to demolish ridiculously huge food item(s) for nothing more than a certificate, a round of applause and bragging rights.

Whether the members of your Brighton Stag Do are people who love a traditional pint in a traditional pub, or whether they prefer to grab a cocktail in a bar, Brighton is packed full of venues that they will enjoy. The city centre is nice and compact (as we’ve mentioned before), so the great news is that the vast majority of bars, pubs and clubs tend to be in walking distance, so you won’t need to worry about taxi’s, busses or any other kind of public transport on your night out.

Brighton has a selection of great nightclubs that will offer all kinds of music and some massive dance floors for you to really enjoy the end of the night. Alternatively, if you fancy something different there are some amazing gentlemen’s clubs and casinos that will welcome you in with open arms and keep you entertained until the sun comes up. In other words, whatever type of nightlife you enjoy, you'll find it in spades in this superb city centre. With a well deserved reputation for fantastic nightlife, a Brighton Stag Do is going to end up with some amazing nights out.

The short version of all of this? A Brighton Stag Do is guaranteed to be brilliant fun, and you'll struggle to find a better place to spend your last few nights of freedom. Just make sure you pack a decent shirt, your best shoes and a big pack of paracetamol because you'll definitely have the night of your life! Get in touch now and we’ll tailor make a perfect package for you, ensuring that your Brighton Stag Do will contain everything that you want it to and more.

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