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Rally Driving Championship stag do weekends

The Details

This is one of those stag do activities that gets put firmly in the bucket list category. Rally driving is a unique form of motorsport that heavily relies on skill controlling the powerful cars on a specially designed loose surfaced track. Rally cars are known for bring highly tuned for grip, torque and acceleration to help them navigate the acute twists and turns of the course to get fastest time possible. The cars used for this experience are the Iconic Rally car, the Subaru Impreza, a car so good, Subaru had to make a road model in order for them to be able to enter it in the Word Rally Championship (WRC) The Impreza dominated the WRC in the mid 1990's as a manufacturer and its drivers have won numerous drivers championships at a similar time, so there's little doubting the cars ability to handle everything that's thrown in front of it.

Your rally experience starts with a briefing to understand the necessary do's and don'ts before being introduced to the car and there, spending 4 laps drive time with a professional instructor, you'll learn the hints and tips to help you master the professionally designed rally track in order to get the best time possible. Now it's time to put your skills to the test, taking every thing you've learnt out onto the track competing in a series of heats in order to get seeded for the ultimate showdown between the best of the best to claim the trophy for driver of the day. Who wouldn't want this as part of their stag do package!

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