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If your stag party is on its way to Bratislava, you have to try the action tower jump! This is an event that is unique to the city, and let's be honest here, is probably the only time you'll ever leap from such a great height! Located just half an hour outside of the city centre, you'll be dragged to the top of this towering chimney platform, where you'll be treated to some incredible views across the city and the wider landscape. Then, once you've taken in your fill of the scenery, you'll leap from the tower and experience four seconds of incredible freefall descent, before safely slowing for a soft landing.

At 110m, this is the highest jumping spot in all of Slovakia, and is a perfect option for any stag that loves a good bit of adrenaline rush.Unlike bungee jumping, there is also no need to "spring back up", so a controlled descent is possible. The slowed descent makes the tower leap far more comfortable and little less physically demanding than a bungee jump. For those of a devious nature, it's also a fantastic prank option for any stag who is scared of heights. Rest assured that it's all completely safe though, and once you've scared the you-know-what out of him, it makes a fantastic once in a lifetime opportunity to conquer his fears.

For clarity, the maximum weight limit is 120kg (264lbs). We will provide private transfers, full safety training and equipment, and a full time guide and instructor. You just need to ensure you've strapped on a pair that morning!

If a tower jump stag do sounds right up your street, please enquire with our friendly team now, so that we can put together the best possible package for you.

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